UPDATE: Eastern Cary Gateway Special Planning Area begins the adoption process

By September 12, 2016News

UPDATE Posted October 12: After interviews with property owners, work sessions with the Cary Town Council (most recently on September 20), and numerous revisions to the plan chapter, the final draft Eastern Cary Gateway Special Planning Area (ECG-SPA) is headed to a public hearing with the Planning and Zoning Board on October 17.

Eastern Cary Gateway Special Planning Area (October 7 DRAFT)

see the previous version of the draft plan here

The ECG-SPA is a component of the larger Cary Community Plan. It is being reviewed on an expedited schedule to address the urgency of current development interests in the area. Citizens interested in the future of the Eastern Cary Gateway are encouraged to attend the public hearing. (more details on the October 17 meeting.)

The ECG-SPA sets the stage for one of Cary’s last big opportunity areas bordering Raleigh, including two exits on I-40 at Chapel Hill Road and Cary Towne Boulevard. This area includes the WakeMed Soccer Park, Cary Towne Center, the Triangle Aquatic Center, and other surrounding properties.  The vision for the area is to create a vibrant, active, and urban style mixed use area that can support new businesses and housing options. This area is set to be a focus for new employment development, and will provide several opportunities for higher density office towers, and walkable mixed use office complexes. In addition, this area will also be a focus for recreational and sports activities, hosting soccer, swimming, and cross-country races and events.

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