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The Town is committed to ensuring that Imagine Cary is an open and transparent process. To that end, presentations, public input reports, technical reports, interview notes and other documents created throughout the planning process will be available here for download.

Committee for the Future

For agendas , meeting minute, and a roster of committee members visit the Community Plan page on the Town of Cary website.

Community Input

Open House (July, August 2016)
Choices Workshop Part 2: What will Cary be in 2040?  (November 2014)
Choices Workshop: What will Cary be in 2040?  (July 2014)


Summit on the Future (May 2013)

The PowerPoint slides that outline the Summit agenda and include details from The Cary Picture have been converted to PDF for download. Chris Leinberger’s presentation slides are a separate PDF file. These files do not include the polling questions, which will be posted separately. Some features of the original presentations (including animation sequences) are not retained in the PDF files.

Project History

The Town of Cary is currently undertaking the most ambitious long-range planning effort in our community’s history by doing a wholesale update to our Comprehensive Plan, a collection of eight community plans including the Town’s Land Use Plan. This update was defined by the Charter, or the “plan for the plan”.  The new Cary Community Plan will be built on the values, needs and aspirations of our citizens.

Project History

Cary’s Comprehensive Plan currently consists of eight major volumes, plus seven special area plans.  At their December 16, 2010 regular meeting, the Cary Town Council directed staff to proceed with planning for an update of one of the oldest volume of the Comprehensive Plan, the 1996 Land Use Plan.  On May 2, 2011, Council appropriated a portion of the required funds for this project.  With that direction, staff began developing a two phase approach  and released a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Phase I in October of 2011.  The RFP recommended that the forthcoming Land Use Plan update utilize a two-phase approach. The first phase would consist of developing a “plan for the plan,” to determine the appropriate scope and approach for the project.  The second phase would be to actually develop the new plan.

At the January 2012 Council retreat, staff and project consultants described the two-phase approach, and the timeline and steps involved in the first phase, which kicked off at the retreat. The end-product of the first phase would be the development of a “Charter” for the plan, which would also include Council input and expectations for the community plan.  During the retreat, staff gave three presentations to Council regarding the Land Use Plan update.  The first presentation provided information about the current Land Use Plan along with key trends from a community profile.  The second presentation focused on describing national trends and best practices used by other communities in developing Land Use and Comprehensive Plans.  The third presentation described effective planning and community participation approaches that have been used by similar communities.  The retreat session culminated in small group discussions, which focused on strengths and weaknesses of Cary’s existing Land Use Plan, and identifying specific issues and future challenges that should be addressed during the update of the Land Use Plan.

One of the key issues raised at the retreat was whether, given the information presented, the phase two effort should be limited to an update of the Land Use Plan component of the Comprehensive Plan, or whether or more broad and comprehensive update was needed. The direction provided by Council was that a more comprehensive approach may be in order, and that a range of scope options should be developed for Council’s consideration at their next work session.

At the May 24, 2012 Council work session, the project consultants and staff presented the draft recommendations for the scope, process, timeline, and community engagement and outreach program for the update of Cary’s Land Use/Comprehensive Plan, including four options for the range of the project scope.  Staff’s presentation at the work session  provided a “check-in” with Council, provided the recommendations of the draft Project Charter and included Phase II project scope, framework and organization of the new plan and associated outreach and engagement.  The work session concluded with a consensus that Cary undertake a more broad update of a large portion of its entire Comprehensive Plan, rather than just the Land Use Plan volume.

A second work session was conducted on July 31, 2012, which staff and consultants presented the final version of the Charter and sought feedback, concurrence and direction from  Council to move forward with Phase II of the project – the actual preparation of a new Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Cary.  In order to distinguish the forthcoming comprehensive plan from Cary’s existing plan, the term applied to the new product was given the interim name of the “Cary Community Plan.”  The overall effort currently underway to develop the new Cary Community Plan has been given the project name “Imagine Cary.”



For detailed answers to many common questions about Imagine Cary, visit the Get the Facts page.